The Not-Much-Opportunity Society

"I’m not sure what Entitlement Society he’s talking about, since after-tax income has grown far more rapidly at the top than elsewhere, and federal taxes and transfers became less redistributive between 1979 and 2007.

"As far as I can tell, President Obama hasn’t done much to reverse this trendMitt Romney, the Republican presidential contender, likes to contrast his vision of an Opportunity Society in which people choose whether to pursue an education or hard work with an Entitlement Society, offered by President Obama, in which government provides every citizen the same or similar rewards.

"But what is even more misleading about Mr. Romney’s vision is its emphasis on grown-ups. Children, after all, can’t simply choose to pursue an education. They are dependent on their parents, their communities and their fellow citizens for the opportunities to do so. ..." <Read more>